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Jax living with me came unplanned, but with  perfect timing, as now I know how much I needed him in my life.


He is a dog of “feelings”, and knows exactly how people are feeling around him, helping them when needed to cheer them up with his funny antics and sometimes too wet kisses.


Jax himself is as big as his heart


He is strong, masculine with a lot of substance. Still he moves easily with great power in his rear also despite his size is a fast and agile boy.


His head is strong inside and out, loves to work and is really up to do any kind of jobs, yet very easy to live with.





  • FCI/ASCA Registered

  • Date of Birth: 2 December 2014 

  • Hips FCI A | Elbows Clear

  • Eyes: Cleared Yearly

  • MDR1 Normal/Clear | Hsf4 Clear 

  • PRA Clear  | CEA Clear 

  • CMR1 Clear |  DM Carrier 

  • Full dentition | Scissor bite 

  • Weight 30 kg | Height 54cm


  • International Champion

  • Dutch Champion

  • Danish  Champion

  • Double Golden Winner 2017

  • Brabo Winner 2017 

  • Amsterdam Junior Winner 2015 

  • Benelux Junior Winner 2015

  • Dutch Junior Champion 

  • Lifetime Qualified for Crufts 


  • ASCA Agility  JS-N-OP GS-N 

  • ASCA Rally RN 

  • ASCA Rally RA

  • ASCA Tracking Dog 

  • ASCA Tracking Dog Urban 

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